The Empress

This card indicates a strong connection to femininity. Elegant, nurturing, creative and beautiful. This card speaks to fertility and the Mother Earth. Something positive is in the works when you get this card.

The Hierophant

This card speaks to the seeker of organized tradition and religion. Established spiritual values and beliefs or other formal doctrines. If you get this card it suggests that you seek out fundamental principals from a trusted source before you can discover what your own belief system is.

The Moon

The moon speaks of our fears, anxiety and our subconscious. When the sun goes down we see what we are holding on our shadow self which is still lovely and beautiful in its own way. It also speaks of illusion but also our intuition. Time to meditate and give your shadow self some time for reflection and to look at what is your true intuition and what is illusion.


I like to think of this card as the calling card for your soul. This card is all about rebirth, absolution, judgement and calling. Basically forgive yourself and others, shake off all that is no longer necessary, finally listen to the call of your soul and do what you came here to do!

4 of Wands

Wands cards talk to us about our spirituality and dreams/goals. This card is telling the seeker that it is time for joy, celebration and relaxation! Right now there is harmony and something good has been accomplished! You might feel like you are finally coming home or someone is coming home! Smile!!!

Knight of Cups

Cups cards are all about our feelings and emotions. This is one of the court cards and that means that this card is you or a person in your life. This person is creative and charming, has a big imagination and is associated with beauty. This person is also romantic!!

Page of Pentacles

Pentacle cards are our physical realm cards. These talk about our health, finances, home, and environment. This is a court card so it is either you or a person in your life. This card is speaking to the seeker about manifesting new opportunities in the material world. This is a time of beginning and the card is saying this person is going to experience the start of manifesting good new things in their life!

9 of Swords

Sword cards are all about our intellect and thoughts. The nine of swords is a card I personally get all of the time because I think way to much and it is the card that represents our nightmares and worry. We create so much to worry about that we can’t sleep. This card is telling the seeker that we have to stop dreaming up more things to be afraid of and worry about because it wearing us out. There is enough to worry about! Don’t create more!!