I am a wife and a mother of two great souls and we have many fur babies. I was adopted by two loving parents and my husband and I adopted our children. Prior to our children I went to Gonzaga University, earning a degree in philosophy and then to Whitworth where I received a Masters in Counseling. I enjoy improvisational comedy, comic books and caring for others.

Over the past 5 years I dealt with a crippling depression and family crisis and this caused me to seek the counseling skills of the Shaman JoBeth Eckerman. With her help I was able to crawl out of my depression, help my family and reawaken my soul-skills as a soul coach/counselor and tarot reader.

I am hard wired to see the very best in everyone. I used to think it was from being adopted which I am so appreciative for but through my work with Jobeth I have learned that I have a soul that is connected to many of the Angel lineages and, as angels it is our job to love and help everyone. Studying philosophy at Gonzaga cemented for me the belief that we are not just bodies but souls and we chose to be here. We are here to help others find their souls purpose and gain insight from all of our experiences. Socrates and Plato talked of the soul in the allegory of the cave and how in this life we are mere shadows of what truly is real.

When you can listen to your own soul you will see that the Universe is constantly sending you reminders and lessons regarding the reason you chose to come to earth and who you really are. It is my belief that we have forgotten how to listen and I’ve learned that I am here to help with that.

I do this soul-work through Tarot. I consider it to be a tool that my clients and I can use together to unearth information about their lives. Tarot cards have drawings and symbols that represent the human experience and our shared ‘collective consciousness’. They are filled with Jungian archetypes and mythology, much like the comic books I love which I think is simply modern mythology.

I work with clients and the cards to see what has gone on in the past, what is happening currently and what is coming down the road. After a reading (which usually takes half hour to an hour) I take time to talk about what the cards are saying and to move forward from there. I can do single-session reading or multi-session readings, using tarot and other oracle cards, to assist clients in continuing to move forward through particularly challenging life issues. I am also trained in Advanced Alternative Healing Arts and can take you though guided meditations, use rapid release techniques to assist with release of traumatic events and I’m a Reiki Master.

The most important thing I strive to do for my clients is empower them to heal themselves. We all are masters in body and we all have the ability to move and grow through our challenges because we are all souls! I would be honored to be a part of your journey that you are on.